Ervana Redwood

Friend of Daz, farmer in nearby village


Ervana is an elven woman, who is roughly 50 years old. She looks after her adoptive daughter, Maelin, in the small town of Barrowside- a mere day’s walk from Waterdeep.


Ervana and her sister Vanera arrived at the small town of Barrowside with Daza’an some ten years ago, where Vanera gave birth to a daughter. Having been on the run from a group that had destroyed their previous village, the two women settled down, and tried to get back to normal life. Vanera, however, casting off all responsibility of her newborn child, started seeking out someone in the nearby forest, meeting secretly with a man she claimed would help her live a life of luxury and happiness. She disappeared after six months, leaving her baby in Ervana’s care.

Ervana Redwood

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